Why do Laser Cutting Machines need Auxiliary Gas for Cutting?
Acme Laser time of publication 2020-06-10 14:57

In addition to electricity, laser cutting machines also need auxiliary gas. Why do laser cutting machines need auxiliary gas for cutting? What is the role of auxiliary gas? This article will answer your questions.

The auxiliary gas can effectively prevent the smoke and dust from entering the lens protection lens and prolong its service life; it can react with the workpiece, play a combustion-supporting effect, and speed up the cutting speed; it can blow away the slag to prevent the slag from hanging on the surface of the workpiece; it can effectively cool the workpiece. Auxiliary gas is essential when cutting, so how to choose a suitable auxiliary gas?

Classification of auxiliary gases

The commonly used auxiliary gases are air, oxygen, nitrogen, and argon.

1. Air

The air collection method is simple, the cost is the lowest, and it is advantageous for processing metal sheets. It can be used to cut metal materials such as carbon steel, aluminum, aluminum alloy, brass, and electroplated steel plate.

2. Oxygen

Oxygen can support combustion, improve cutting efficiency, and speed up cutting. It can be used to cut thick plates, such as carbon steel, stainless steel, and alloy metals.

3. Nitrogen

Nitrogen is not easy to oxidize with the workpiece, and the use of nitrogen cutting requires higher purity. Nitrogen can cut materials with high requirements on the quality of the cut surface. Such as brass, aluminum, stainless steel, plated steel and other metal materials.

4. Argon

Argon, chemically inactive, is an inert gas with high usage cost and is suitable for cutting titanium alloy materials.

In comparison, the cost of air cutting is the lowest. Although air can be used as an auxiliary gas, because the air contains moisture and oils, if it is not treated, it will cause lens pollution and the cutting head will be unstable, so that the cutting effect and quality are not up to standard.

Therefore, when using air cutting, the fiber laser cutting machine needs to be equipped with a cold-drying machine. In order to ensure the cutting quality, it is recommended to use suitable gas.