Are laser cutters capable of machining rusted materials?
Acme Laser time of publication 2020-06-08 13:54

Laser cutting machines can cut various materials from steel to plastic, especially in the field of metal cutting, the development speed is getting faster and the application is more and more extensive,it is an important manufacturing tool for parts with complex geometric shapes such as machine tool manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, and consumer electronics.

As we all know, laser cutting machine is a powerful tool for sheet metal and pipe processing. However, in the production process, in a relatively humid environment, carbon steel, iron plates, iron pipes and other materials will rust. If the material is rusted, will the laser cutter be able to cut it? What precautions? ACME Laser shares the following:

First of all, it is not recommended to cut rusted metal directly with a laser cutter

Because the laser itself cannot be a light source, the laser only generates heat after the surface of the processed sheet is absorbed. In the case of rusted or non-rusted material surfaces, the laser absorption is different, and the heat generation is also greatly affected. In general, cutting rusted sheet will produce the following effects:

1. The cutting efficiency of the anti-rust board will be reduced, the effect will be worse, and the rejection rate will be higher. If possible, reduce the use of anti-rust plates or treat the anti-rust plates in use.

2. The biggest damage is actually that the hole will burst when punching and cutting, causing pollution to the lens. You can use a grinder to remove the rust first. If the board is not a thick board, less than 5MM has little effect, but it will affect the quality of the cut product and the failure rate is high.

3. The cutting condition of the overall uniform rusted board will be better than that of the uneven rusted board. Because the overall uniformly rusted sheet absorbs the laser light relatively uniformly, good cuts can be made. For materials with uneven surface rust, the surface state of the material should be as uniform as possible before cutting.

In conclusion, when laser cutting sheet metal materials, it is best to use clean sheets. Even if rusted boards must be used, pay attention to even rusting. It is recommended to use a sander to remove rust and then cut.