Laser pipe cutting machines are widely popular in the industry.
Acme Laser time of publication 2018-06-06 13:23
In the metal processing market, laser cutting equipment is becoming more and more popular, the sheet metal processing market is gradually compressed, the market is fighting a price war, and many processing manufacturers turn to pipe processing. With the rapid development of China's economy in recent years, it has also promoted the development of many industries. As the epidemic improves and the economy recovers, industries such as fitness equipment, home decor furniture, kitchen appliances and bathrooms have grown rapidly.
For traditional saw blade cutting, it is almost impossible to make a pipe in 1-2 seconds, but it is easy to achieve with laser cutter. The principle is analyzed from two aspects. The emergence of laser cutting equipment has brought subversive changes to the cutting process of the traditional metal tube industry. Laser cutting machine has the characteristics of high degree of automation, high efficiency and high output. Pipes of different materials do not need to replace the corresponding saw blades or stop in the middle, which is very suitable for mass production.
The laser pipe cutting machine can cut any prepared program shapes on various pipes, such as openings, bevels, arcs, etc., with smooth cuts and no burrs; compared with traditional processing equipment, laser cutting metal pipes has high precision; Within the cutting range of the standard machine, the cutting accuracy of the automatic laser cutting machine can be plus or minus 0.1mm or even higher. At present, the tailings of the automatic laser pipe cutting machine can reach within 40mm, which saves a lot of material costs for enterprises; at the same time, the automatic feeding laser pipe cutting machine can realize automatic cutting and automatic feeding of pipes.
In recent years, laser tube cutting technology has proved to be the most convenient and agile tube processing method. It can freely cut different lengths, and can also cut any shape of geometry or drill holes of any size. All tube cutting operations are performed. It can be done on a laser tube cutting machine. Laser cutting machines can cut tubes of any thickness and type, making laser tube cutting a versatile tool that maximizes production and minimizes waste. The geometry of complex parts can be easily and accurately cut, and the parts cut out can be designed in different combinations to create compositions through different pipe diameter shapes and wall thicknesses.