Three tips that must be mastered with a laser pipe cutting machine.
Acme Laser time of publication 2021-06-21 11:41

As we all know, the phenomenon of concave hole surface, inaccurate hole position, and burr on the hole surface are inevitable problems when using traditional drilling equipment, which is a headache for some finishing industries. The question of efficiency is undoubtedly more difficult.

However, with the continuous development and application of laser cutting, laser cutting has gradually replaced traditional drilling equipment. Cutting holes with a laser pipe cutting machine not only has a smooth section without burrs, but also some processing parameters can be flexibly changed to meet various processing needs. Today, I will teach you some tips that can make the laser drilling process smoother. Knowing the following three points will make you do more with less!

1. Pay attention to the parameter error of the servo motor

When we cut round holes, sometimes ellipses or irregular circles appear. The root cause of this phenomenon is actually related to the mismatch of XY axis motion. So what is the reason for the mismatch of XY axis motion? In fact, it is caused by improper adjustment of servo motor parameters. Therefore, the quality of the cut round holes also has certain requirements for the servo motor, and we need to pay attention to this in daily processing.

2. Pay attention to the air pressure

When we process, sometimes there will be slag hanging on the edge, carbonization, and sometimes there will be explosion problems. This is actually related to the air pressure. The former problem occurs when the air pressure is small, and the latter problem occurs when the air pressure is large. Therefore, this requires us to continuously adjust and select the appropriate air pressure, so as to achieve the processing effect of smooth cutting and no burrs.

3. The accuracy error of guide rail and lead screw leads to the hole cutting accuracy not reaching the ideal value

First, we mentioned that the parameter error of the servo motor will directly affect the cutting quality. In fact, the accuracy of the round hole is not as expected, which is also related to the accuracy of the guide rail and the lead screw. The reason for this is closely related to the strength of pipe cutting machine manufacturers. Generally speaking, this problem will not occur when purchasing high-quality accessories.

The above three points are the tips that can help you achieve perfect hole cutting. You can consult or check before purchasing or if there is any problem with the processing effect!