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OSPRI Autofocus Laser Cutting Head

The software automatically adjusts the focusing lens to realize automatic punching and cutting of different plates and pipes.
The cutting height is kept the same over the material by the capacitive sensor on the head.

Up and Down Exchange Platform

Up and down exchange table, fast exchange speed, improve processing efficiency, save labor cost.
Double platform fast exchange system, save loading and unloading time.

170mm Diameter Pneumatic Chuck

Eight-cylinder structure. Square hole design. The clamping force is twice that of ordinary chucks.

One Machine with Two Functions

Laser Machine LP3015DT can cut both sheet and tube metals, replacing a sheet and a tube laser cutting machine in total. For users, this double-duty machine helps to save the occupied area and costs of purchase.

Cypcut Cnc System

Micro-connection cutting
Active obstacle avoidance
Real-time monitoring of core components
Active reminder of machine maintenance

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Tube and Sheet Laser Cutting Machine LT3015DT25

Technical Parameter



Processing Range (L*W)

Cut pipe Φ16mm-165mm Cutting board3000*1500mm

Laser Power


Workbench Maximum Load


X Y Axis Positioning Accuracy


X Y Axis Repeat Positioning Accuracy


Maximum G Speed(acceleration)


Maximum Speed




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