Application of Laser Pipe Cutting Machine in Automobile Industry
Acme Laser time of publication 2022-05-28 16:53

More and more auto parts companies are using laser pipe cutting machines to produce parts. The reason why the laser pipe cutting machine is favored by auto parts manufacturers is that it saves labor, saves factory space, and the quality and efficiency of cutting pipes are better than traditional cutting.

For manufacturers, craftsmanship determines the quality of accessories, and product quality determines price profit. Therefore, it is particularly important to change the processing technology and improve the processing efficiency of the product.

Stainless steel with a thickness of less than 2mm is a commonly used pipe material for the production of auto parts. Traditional equipment processing such pipes is inefficient and has poor precision, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive. It also requires multiple processes to transfer, which invisibly increases the cost of the enterprise. The most important thing is production. Efficiency and cutting quality are still not guaranteed; and the laser pipe cutting machine can easily cut the pipes required for auto parts processing into short pipes, without the need for multiple transfers and cutting, and the function of automatic slag removal, production efficiency and cutting The quality of the products can be guaranteed, which can well meet the needs of auto parts pipe cutting. We take the automatic laser cutting of automobile shift cover and car bumper laser drilling equipment as an example. Using laser pipe cutting machine to cut automobile shift cover, the cutting efficiency can be doubled. The cutting quality is better than traditional processing methods, and the end face is smooth and positioning. Accurate and high precision; the car bumper is a special-shaped part, the traditional stamping method is very complicated, and the parts are prone to deformation and stress, the laser cutting method is used, no complex fixture system is required, no processing stress, no deformation of the incision, and more Suitable for post-processing and installation.

We can say that laser pipe cutting machines have brought great changes to the automotive industry. From the development of samples, the manufacture of parts and components to the final assembly of the body, lasers are everywhere. The highly flexible laser tube cutting machine replaces a large number of punching and trimming dies, which not only saves a lot of dies, but also greatly shortens the development cycle of new models. High production efficiency, stable and reliable quality, significant economic and social benefits.