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OSPRI High Power Cutting Head

It can change its laser spot to proper size and shape according to cutting materials and thickness. A variety of cutting processes have been developed for 20-50mm sheet cutting.

Up and Down Exchange Platform

Up and down exchange table. Fast exchange speed. Save loading and unloading time. Improve processing efficiency.

Cast Aluminum/Welded Beams

Made of High-Quality Materials. Good Dynamic performance. Smooth Movement. Good Toughness. Corrosion Resistance. Oxidation Resistance.

All-round Protective Cover System

The front and rear built-in cameras and the intelligent central control system can monitor the production and processing conditions of the equipment at any time, making production more environmentally friendly and safe.

Cypcut Cnc System

Micro-connection cutting
Active obstacle avoidance
Real-time monitoring of core components
Active reminder of machine maintenance

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Acme laser cutting machine for metal pipe LP-6025D

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