Teach you how to choose a suitable laser cutting machine?
Acme Laser time of publication 2022-09-03 13:42

Choosing a suitable fiber laser cutting machine instead of a cheap laser cutting machine requires comprehensive consideration of the hardware resource configuration of the fiber laser cutting machine, the professionalism provided by the manufacturer, price acceptance, after-sales management service and derived additional economic value.

 hardware configuration:

The fiber laser cutting machine is mainly controlled by the machine host (the machine part of the laser cutting machine, the mechanical part that realizes the movement of the X, y and Z axes, including the cutting working platform), the laser generator (the device that generates the laser light source), the external optical path (the refraction and emission mirror, which is used to guide the laser to the desired direction) and the CNC system (which controls the machine tool to realize the movement of the X, y and Z axes and also controls the output power of the laser) (connected between laser, CNC machine tool and power supply system) cutting head (mainly including cavity, focusing lens holder, focusing mirror, capacitive sensor, auxiliary gas nozzle, etc.).

 professional manufacturers:

Due to the rapid development of the industrial application of laser cutting machines, CNC machine tools and plasma manufacturers are involved in the field of laser cutting machines. There are different kinds of laser cutting machines, large and small. Moreover, as a complete machine system, each subsystem needs to be highly unified, which requires that manufacturers should go through repeated tests and installation tests in the selection of each part, and determine the best part after many comparisons and considerations. Therefore, we should choose manufacturers that focus on the laser industry.

price factors:

When choosing a laser cutting machine, we should not only consider the price factor, but also consider the component loss and after-sales service. Assuming that we only consider the price factor, we buy a laser equipment, which is 5000 yuan cheaper than the normal price, but it can not be used normally after purchase. We frequently replace parts. The replacement of parts alone has exceeded 10000 yuan, not to mention the impact on normal production. In a given time, after five years, the loss of a single part has reached 100000 yuan, not to mention such a long time of use.

 after sales service:

The high-quality after-sales service commitment of mechanical equipment not only gives customers the confidence to choose, but also reflects their high standards from market positioning to mechanical design, procurement, assembly and quality inspection. Even after sales, they all require themselves with strict systems to stand the test of the market.

added value:

Buying a machine is also a way of doing business, buying a wider circle of friends, and buying the laser era;