Advantages of laser development
Acme Laser time of publication 2022-09-01 10:44

Depending on the geographical advantages, it is expected to break through: we believe that compared with overseas ultrafast laser manufacturers, domestic manufacturers have at least the following three advantages: (1) China will be the largest application market of ultrafast lasers: the high-precision characteristics of ultrafast lasers are especially suitable for the manufacture of 3C products, and China is the world's largest production base of 3C products; (2) China has the most complete industrial system in the world: after decades of development, China has formed a complete industrial system from upstream materials to downstream applications, providing a good soil for the industrialization of ultrafast lasers; (3) Return of high-end talents: in the laser industry, the return of high-end talents is accelerating, which lays a talent foundation for the technological breakthrough of ultrafast laser.

Investment suggestion: the localization process of ultrafast lasers is very similar to that of high-power lasers. We believe that in the next 3-5 years, with the development of ultrafast laser application scenarios, it is expected to replicate the road of import substitution of high-power fiber lasers. With large market space and high technical barriers, ultrafast laser is likely to become a hot plate of the science and technology innovation board in the future.

It is suggested to grasp the investment opportunities from three perspectives: (1) the application scenarios are sinking from the high end to the middle and low end, and the market scale of ultrafast laser processing equipment is growing rapidly: ultrafast laser is likely to become the mainstream mode of the new generation of precision processing. The localization of ultrafast laser will drive its price down. With more and more application scenarios, the investment opportunities of ultrafast laser processing equipment are expected to appear before lasers, Focus on equipment suppliers with high-quality customer resources and strong R & D strength, such as Han's laser and Huagong technology; (2) import substitution of ultrafast lasers: Although China's ultrafast lasers still mainly rely on imports at present, domestic laser manufacturers have made rapid progress in technology. With the continuous breakthrough of key technologies, domestic suppliers are expected to open up a broad space for import substitution. With the technological breakthrough of core components, excellent enterprises are expected to achieve double growth in revenue and gross profit, It is suggested to pay attention to Ruike laser (the ultra fast laser manufacturer Guoshen laser is proposed to be purchased); (3) The application of new technologies in the downstream brings the possibility of the explosion of the ultrafast laser market: the increase of the penetration rate of the folding screen and ceramic shell may bring the explosion of the ultrafast laser market.