Ingredients are important! The selection of auxiliary gas can increase the cutting efficiency by 4 times
Acme Laser time of publication 2022-08-25 15:20

Taking carbon steel widely used in many industries as an example, in traditional laser cutting of carbon steel, oxygen is generally selected.

Breaking the routine, applying oxygen, air, and nitrogen to different plates according to different cutting requirements, not only improves cutting efficiency, but also reduces processing costs.

1. Reasons for choosing different gases

In carbon steel of different thickness, oxygen cutting will have a limit speed, even if the laser power is high, the cutting speed will not change;

2. High-power lasers can use oxygen to cut medium and thin carbon steel, so as to avoid over-burning of cutting due to excessive power, it must be cut by reducing power:

3. The use of oxygen for high-power lasers has no speed advantage when cutting medium and thin carbon steel, which also increases the processing cost.

When the 10,000-watt laser uses oxygen to cut carbon steel, too high power will increase the heat input, causing the plate to overheat, which is detrimental to the cutting effect. Therefore, for medium and thin carbon steel, 10,000-watt laser cutting equipment cannot play its due advantages. Consider air cutting. Cut carbon steel like you cut stainless steel. Make full use of the energy of high-power lasers to achieve high-speed cutting of carbon steel, and can reduce processing costs.

1. The same cutting carbon steel 8-16mm, the use of air cutting is 47%-450% more efficient than oxygen cutting

2. Air cutting 8-16mm carbon steel can achieve smooth and slag-free cutting effect. However, when cutting thick carbon steel, air cutting is not easy to cut, and it is easy to hang slag, and it is impossible to cut a smooth section. Therefore, it is necessary to With oxygen-assisted cutting, a higher quality section can be cut.

The 10,000-watt laser cutting machine processes carbon steel at 3-12mm, using air to cut more efficiently than oxygen, with lower costs and higher benefits;

3. When the high-power laser cutting machine uses nitrogen and air to cut carbon steel 22-45 mm, serious slag will occur. Oxygen cutting can be used to ensure the cutting effect without burrs and slag during cutting.