Laser tube cutting machine helps metal lighting cutting
Acme Laser time of publication 2019-08-25 15:13

Laser cutting is a high-tech application technology of the modern industrial revolution. It is an industrial-grade production equipment commonly used in developed countries. It has replaced traditional stamping processing to a large extent, optimized the production process, and gradually expanded in this industrial field. , plays an irreplaceable role.

Laser cutting technology has not only become the sharpest "knife" in the manufacturing industry, but also the metal sideboards, metal tables and chairs in the clean water cabinet, or the soft curved coffee table in the middle, or the metal screen with hollow design, which can be seen everywhere in our daily life. Small sideboards are inseparable from laser cutting machines.

Generally speaking, a good piece of metal lighting accessories needs to go through multiple processing and assembling processes, especially for large metal lighting fixtures, not only the processing and production cycle is long, but also the process is complicated. In order to save the processing and production cycle and continuously improve the efficiency of social production, it is very necessary to update the existing product processing equipment. With the development of laser technology, laser cutting machines emerge as the times require, and laser tube cutting machines are used in the development of metal lighting manufacturing. It's a match made in heaven.

Lighting plays an important role in modern home life. The function of lamps and lanterns is not only used for lighting, but as a part of home improvement, it is more used in decoration. Stylish and simple lighting design is to add light to our daily life. Today's lamps also use a variety of materials: cloth, stainless steel, wood, etc. These laser cutters can do just that.

The laser pipe cutting machine has a movable chuck, which is cut by a laser head, and has the advantages of large processing range and fast processing speed. In addition, it is equipped with a feeding device and a feeding device, so that feeding, cutting and unloading can be done in one go, which greatly shortens the processing interval, improves the efficiency and production efficiency, and can automatically realize the pipe from feeding, length to laser cutting, and then to All actions and functions of cutting tube processing equipment.

Perhaps for some small manufacturers, the initial capital investment of the laser pipe cutting machine is relatively large, but one piece of machine equipment can replace the labor cost of several people and can complete the cutting quality requirements with high precision. Therefore, it is also an account worthy of the long-term development investment of manufacturers.