ACME Moved to a New Factory Area of 50,000㎡, Making Persistent Efforts to Help China's Intelligent Manufacturing!
Acme Laser time of publication 2022-08-16 10:39

At 8:08 on August 8, 2022, Dingdian Laser's housewarming ceremony officially started!With the roar of the salute and the jubilation of the lion dance, at this exciting moment, all the staff shouted with the loudest voice: "Welcome to the new site, create greater glories, fight in unity, and move to a good home"! Following this, eight trucks drove in in an orderly manner, and the relocation ceremony officially kicked off, which also marked that ACME will open a new chapter with a new look.

"Concentrate and go to the stars and the sea together! Ride the wind and waves, and forge a long journey." The eye-catching banner of Workshop No. 1 was introduced. This is not only a slogan, but also represents the unique craftsmanship of every ACME person. I believe that in the near future, we will be able to break through the difficulties and obstacles in front of us and reach the sea of stars that we yearn for!

After years of development, ACME's sales have grown exponentially for five consecutive years. At present, it serves more than 80 countries and regions at home and abroad. In order to better meet the demand for production capacity, the scale of the new plant has been expanded, with an area of 50,000 square meters. The new factory is located along the Yellow River, with convenient regional transportation, abundant resource advantages and good production environment, which have laid a good foundation for the sustainable development of the company.

ACME actively responds to the call of the state, unswervingly takes ecological priority and green development as the orientation, and focuses on the green development model of high efficiency, high quality, environmental protection, non-toxic and harmless, vigorously promotes green design, improves the green manufacturing system, and actively promotes green development. In the construction of the factory, we have achieved good results!

This move to a new location also indicates that the company's output has reached a new level, and the company will be even more brilliant in the next five years. ACME will uphold the new concept of innovative development and adhere to the new route of sustainable and high-quality development. Moving into the high-standard new factory area, we will use a brand-new look to make persistent efforts to continue helping Made in China!

In 2022, the Jinan Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology awarded ACME the title of "Green Factory", indicating that ACME has been highly recognized by the municipal government in terms of green production.