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laser cutting machine LP-6025D High Power Laser Sheet Cutting Machine Fast, efficient and durable

metal laser cutter LP-12025S Ultra Large Cutting Area Laser Metal Plate Cutting Machine Realize The Overall Processing of Ultra-Long Work pieces

metal laser cutting machine LT-12038T 10,000 Watts Laser Pipe Cutting Machine Steady Management Real Zero Tailing Wast

industrial laser cutter LT-9035G Three Chuck Zero Tail Laser Pipe Cutting Machine The maximum load-bearing capacity , ultra-long tube cutting, and real zero tailing

industrial laser cutting machine LT-6012D Ultra-high Power Laser Pipe Cutting Machine 120 chuck:4 r/min, maximum speed up to 200r/min

metal cutting machines LT-6025ES High Efficiency Laser Pipe Cutting Machine Follow-up Servo Support, Precise Positioning

metal laser cutter for sale LP-3015DT Closed-Type Plate and Tube Two-in-One Combined Laser Cutting Machine One Machine, Two Functions of Tube and Sheet Laser Cutting Integration

metal laser cutter for sale LP-3015ST Compact-size Single Platform Sheet & Tube Laser Cutting Machine The Machine is Open-type and Work Process is Visible.

laser cutting equipment FLW-1500 Handheld Laser Welding Machine Fast speed, high efficiency, time-saving and labor-saving, flexible welding

laser cutting equipment FLC-1500 Handheld Laser Cleaning Machine Scan Width 0-150mm Laser Wavelength 1070±20nm

Industry Solutions

The future development trend of laser cutting

The laser is one of the most important inventions of mankind in the 20th century. It has only taken a few years from the formulation of Einstein's laser theory to the successful application of laser technology, but it has brought advanced productivity to the world.In 1960, the world's first laser machine was born. With the continuous development of laser technology,until 2022,

Why can laser tube cutting machines be favored by bosses in the fitness equipment industry?

At present, laser pipe cutting machines are widely used in the production of fitness equipment. They can cut intersecting holes in pipes of different diameters in multiple directions, and they can also cut square holes, waist-shaped holes, and square pipe surfaces to cut various shapes and process metal pipes of different shapes, such as round pipes, square pipes, special-shaped pipes, channel steel, H steel, etc.;

Application of laser pipe cutting machine in automobile industry

More and more auto parts companies are using laser pipe cutting machines to produce parts. The reason why the laser pipe cutting machine is favored by auto parts manufacturers is that it saves labor, saves factory space, and the quality and efficiency of cutting pipes are better than traditional cutting.For manufacturers, craftsmanship determines the quality of accessories, and product quality determines price profit.

Laser cutting machines help the development of the shipbuilding industry

With my country's "carbon peak, carbon neutral" goal, new requirements have been put forward for the green development of the shipbuilding industry. my country's shipbuilding industry will develop towards "precision shipbuilding" and "rapid shipbuilding". Solidly improve production efficiency, steadily develop automated tooling,and promote the application of technologies related to intelligent manufacturing.

Laser cutting has become a "new weapon" in the era of new energy vehicles

It is pointed out in the Made in China 2025 plan that new energy vehicles, as an important content, also clarified the development goals. The sales volume will exceed 1 million in 2020 and 3 million in 2025. New energy electric vehicles have become the key development direction of the automobile industry.As my country's new energy vehicle industry has entered a new stage of rapid development of planning,

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Acme Laser — The trailblazer in metal laser cutting machine

Laser precision cutting is now the biggest thing in metal cutting processes. Acme Laser is here to enable manufacturers and other industrial players to put this method to good use at their facilities. We are a tube laser cutting machine supplier and a team of innovative thinkers inspired by laser technology, CNC machining and heavy-duty performance in the name of higher efficiency on your factory floor.

Acme Laser’s products are top-performing laser cutters for flat sheets, pipes, tubes and other metal surfaces. Not only is their functionality proven in the workshops, but the precision they deliver is the result of our 10-year experience as a pipe laser cutting machine manufacturer. Our ongoing effort to develop cutting-edge features following extensive research makes Acme Laser’s cutters the equipment of choice for reducing industrial labor costs and accelerating production times for standard and custom metal workpieces.

Industrial laser cutters for labor-intensive industries

Do you produce equipment, tools or parts that need to be precisely cut to serve the function they are created for? Our laser cutters are the best bet you could ever make. They are particularly useful for:

  • • Automotive industry companies
  • • Shipbuilders
  • • Medical equipment manufacturers
  • • Gym equipment manufacturers
  • • Agricultural machinery companies

Acme Laser’s products have come a long way, from being adopted only in China to being set up on factory floors worldwide. So far, our laser machines for metal surfaces have been brought to over 80 countries and territories, including the EU and the USA. The necessary certifications have been received for every laser cutter to be applied with the highest degree of precision.

Innovative and high-performance metal laser cutters for sale

Acme Laser’s equipment ensures efficiency in every cutting process thanks to the machine features that distinguish our products from other cutters. These features are unique to each series of our metal laser cutting equipment and should be decided on based on specific use cases. The most prominent of them include:

  • • Auto-adjusted laser lenses for the absolute precision of cuts
  • • Modular workbenches for improved flexibility in cutting metal pieces of various sizes
  • • Multiple-chuck equipment designs for oversized workpieces
  • • Reliable surface beds for processing ultra-heavy tubes, pipes and sheets
  • • Easy-to-use CNC systems for real-time control over the precision cutting process

Besides factory-installed equipment, you can add more flexibility to your production and finishing processes with Acme Laser’s handhelds. Our portable welding and cleaning laser products are a breeze to operate to connect workpieces, eliminate welding gaps and remove rust while being easy to carry across your facility or beyond. You can use them as standalone handhelds or with our affordable laser cutting machines.

Not sure whether you can afford a high-performance laser cutter or handheld? Our pricing accurately reflects the core values of Acme Laser to foster innovation across industries and countries. Call us at +86 186 6895 8573 or submit your request via any other means to get a quote, compare our prices or buy a laser cutting machine without further ado.

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